Our Vision

Proven Business Transformation

From process-driven to information-driven business
Agile, pragmatic and innovative management consulting
In the cross-section between business and technology

Why Omni Consult?

Most Executives have managerial, financial and operational skills but oftentimes there is a gap related to new business models and technology trends that is needed to drive a successful Business Transformation.
At Omni Consult we believe that a multidisciplinary team is the key to success for a Business Transformation program.
Starting with the right customer experience, we assist our clients knowing the customer, the transactions and the data layers and subsequently reshaping the business processes around these aspects.

Our strategic business and technology consulting services focus on business transformation with all its components – across industries and geographies.

We bring deep, strategic and functional expertise, and are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces

The business entity

Omni Consult is a group of executives and reputable professionals based in the Canton of Geneva and Vaud, Switzerland. We support companies in transforming their business, re-defining their strategies and implementing effective and efficient digital transformation plans:

- To develop strategic plans that are maximizing value creation
- To support companies in their digital transformation journey
- Get companies to be secure as well as becoming leaders in data governance
- Introduce risk-based governance and risk-informed decision-making
- B2B and industry agnostic with particular knowledge of industries and sectors like Finance, Insurance, Media, Defense, Telecommunication and Humanitarian

Omni Consult possesses some 130+ years of collective executive experience from private sector, the Armed Forces and the United Nations. These combined skill sets enable Omni Consult to approach any industry, any company size, culture, structure, complexity and issue in 10 different languages – anywhere – at any time – and to offer relevant and cost-efficient solutions suitable to the clients.

Imre Orban Managing Partner

The Team

What makes Omni Consult so unique, and so successful, is our outstanding team. With some 130+ years of collective executive business and technology experience from private sector, the Armed Forces and the United Nations – and with 10 different languages spoken in the team – we are able to offer relevant and cost-efficient solutions in any business environment.

Advisory & Consulting

• Corporate Strategy & Governance
• Strategy development & implementation
• Strategic review of current state
• Leadership support & guidance
• Company and board structure
• Senior Team development and alignment
• Change Management
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Transition Management

Interim Management

• Executive, divisional and team leadership
• CEO-as-a-service
• CFO-as-a-service
• CIO-as-a-service
• CTO-as-a-service
• CISO-as-a-service
• DPO-as-a-service
• Sales Director-as-a-service
• BDM-as-a-service
• Auditor-as-a-service
• Sensitive re-structuring
• Project development & delivery
• Key Innovation & Change Management projects lead

Business Development

• Business development as-a-service
• Focus alignment Workshop
• Go to market strategy
• Strategic sales management and coaching
• Strategic sales framework and incentive plan
• Business planning with clear value drivers for start-ups and scale-ups
• Finance modelling with projections for P&L, cash-flow, break-even, payback-time and any financial ratio
• Investment plans and financing solutions
• Finance operations, process improvements, zero-based budgeting and project and budget controlling
• Productivity improvements, definition of core business drivers and clear KPIs
• Preparation of performance dashboards, identification and delivery of agreed productivity targets

Data Governance

• Data driven business models
• Business continuity & disaster recovery planning
• Data protection strategy & programming
• GDPR alignment & readiness
• Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service

Digital Transformation

• Business model transformation
• Risk-based decisions making
• Business process review and re-engineering
• Application-to-business mapping
• Investment analysis
• Productivity review
• Organizational development and workforce review
• Targeted innovation
• Disruptive technologies

Information Security

• Enterprise end-to-end information security
• Information security strategy, programming & compliance
• Information security policies, procedures & guidelines
• Enterprise-wide security & compliance design, publishing and implementation
• Crisis management

Omni Consult is proud and grateful for being able to work closely with the best Swiss partners to provide you as our customer the optimal value. Through each of our partners’ unparalleled quality services and select business relations, you can rest assured that Omni Consult have been acknowledged to possess the same high level of professionalism.

To learn more about our partners’ businesses and their excellent services, please click on their logos.

Skillspotting brings together professionals from Management, Human Resources, the Web and HR Information Systems who share the same ambition: to enable everyone to feel good in their organization. Through Skillspot™ – a unique dynamic skills management technology – skillfulness is developed as a master key to success for fast moving companies and challenged businesses. As skills are becoming harder to find and digitalization is shaking up habits, Skillspotting provides the means to understand and respond to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

Bio-Morphis develops and distributes state-of-the art software for the management of risk, information security and data protection – tested and quality assured by Swiss lead experts in these fields. The methodology behind the software is ground-breaking and provides clients innovative solutions to their challenges. Bio-Morphis additionally offers technology governance and management services for their clients, delivered by highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question, comment or feedback. We highly value your opinion, and would like to hear from you. We will respond to your contact request within one business day.

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